Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Me 1, Master Cylinder 0

In the world of nut butters, none kicks more ass than almond. Leon and I had a peanut vs. almond butter taste-off on Sunday, and the winner was clearly almond. Unfortunately, we managed to finish off the almond butter then, so today I had to make do with the peanut butter.

I wrote this originally this morning as I ate my "whew, that was close!" breakfast after discovering that the problem with my car's clutch pedal is not related to the master or even the slave cylinder, as I had feared. Oh, the things that run through one's mind after learning they aren't looking at several hundred of dollars worth of auto repairs.

Mmm...almond butter.


Anonymous said...

Especially if you are the mechanic.

Anonymous said...

wait - mechanics like peanut butter? (Mmmmmm... peanut butter...)