Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Adam Vinatieri, super-shill

Well, as I noted in my first post, football season is underway. Which means one thing in New England - it's Adam Vinatieri commercial season! Since I've just caught the trendiest cold at work (everyone just has to get it!), I've been stuck at home, doing as little as possible. Which, in my case, means catching up on all of the craptacular tv that my antennae can pick up. For some reason, Adam Vinatieri easily has more commercial work than any other member of the Pats. He's been hawking Bernie and Phyl's furniture and Papa Gino's pizza for a while now (Grab a Free Kicker Meal - It's Good!), and now appears to have added Dunkin' Donuts to his list of advertising accounts.

I hate being sick. Mostly because it gets in the way of me getting things done. Not to mention the inconvenience of blowing my nose every two minutes and feeling tethered to my tissue box. Feh.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

the importance of previewing your posts

Well, that's the last time I will ever publish something to my blog without previewing it first. The layout of my last post is not one of my better ones. Although I really like the thoughtful comment I received on it - thanks bb!

I find that I am obsessed once again by The Apprentice. It's a show that, as an aspiring corporate weasel* myself, really speaks to me. I think it is so popular because a lot of other aspiring corporate weasels like me can watch it and see people get fired for generally good reasons, reasons that at times you have secretly wished others around you could be fired for. And there's some satisfaction in that, the idea that the business world generally culls the stronger from the weaker candidates, and that those who win really deserve it.

That said, I think that I can safely say that the only woman left with any chance of winning is Pamela. The rest have shown themselves to be a bunch of gossipy ninnies who just kicked off the one woman on their team who had any business sense. (I'm really surprised that Trump fell for their act, but everyone has their blind spots.) Now that Stacie is out of the way, I predict many more visits to the boardroom for these ladies, along with much more irrelevant infighting, to ensue in the upcoming weeks.

Which is sad to me. I know and work with many talented women, who know how to get down to business and get things done. They can also do it without being dragged into personality battles, or being overly concerned with hurting someone's feelings. The women of the Apprentice seem to be more interested in making everyone involved feel good than getting their shit together and staying focused on the task at hand. And I don't think that they are a good representation of what women can bring to the business world. I think that's why Carolyn seems to find this bunch almost personally insulting. If it were up to her, I think she'd fire them all.

Maybe I should try out for the inevitable Apprentice 3 and go kick some aspiring corporate weasel ass. For the good name of women in business, of course.

* credit to Television Without Pity for the application of the phrase

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

cat stevens, menace to society

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Former pop star Cat Stevens (news)
was deported back to Britain from the United States on Wednesday by U.S.
Homeland Security officials who said his activities could be "linked to

Wow...I feel so much safer now that Cat Stevens isn't on American soil. Thank god for that.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

the fox in the night, and other excuses...

Hello again.

Well, I started this blog up a week ago, and, before I added to it, decided to let myself marinade in the idea of having it a little more. What kind of things would I want to write here? I'm not really the kind of person that would want to air my personal life and its messy details. But I am someone who has always liked sharing small observations, just to find out if anyone else has noticed what I see. For some reason, I have a strong belief that the small things in life somehow tie together into some larger tapestry of deeper meaning. Or some shit like that.

Actually, a lot behind my not posting again until now was largely due to my having a really really busy week last week. I was also grappling with a personal disappointment that was a lot harder for me to deal with then I orginally thought it would be. So I wasn't really sleeping well either. But that's not really a good excuse...writing in the blog could have been a good distraction for me, like it is now.

Midweek I was driving home after having coffee with a friend and staying up until way too late when all of a sudden a fox came out onto the road. I slowed down as it paused in front of my car and turned its head towards me for a moment, before running off. It was a surreal moment, kind of like the moment in the movie Collateral when the taxi drives past the coyotes in the street. At the next traffic light, I was almost expecting a grey-haired man in a suit with pants that are too short to jump into my car. Thankfully (or not, if you're a Tom Cruise fan, which I am not), that did not occur. But if it had, well, it sure would have been a nice break from some of the unfun reality I've been experiencing lately.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

beginnings...and fantasy sports

Hello and welcome all!

I have been inspired by my friend Kieran to start my own blog. I am not certain that I will post here on the same level of frequency or thoroughness, but what the hey...it looks like fun anyway. I hope those of you who stumble across this will enjoy my random expressions and meanderings.

To start off, I want to share with you all how excited I was to witness the sheer dominance of my fantasy football team. First place in week 1! I realize I'll probably live to regret those words in the long run, but I have to enjoy it while I can. Especially after my disastrous fantasy baseball season this year. (Oy...the pain.)

I wouldn't say that I'm a typical fantasy sports person. First off, I'm a chick. Not that chicks shouldn't be into fantasy sports, but it's clearly a hobby dominated by men. Secondly, I actually was not as active a sports fan before getting involved with fantasy baseball and football. Having to keep on top of player situations has made me become a much more knowledgeable fan overall. A friend of mine at work told me that he talks sports with me more than anyone else at work. Considering I'm an engineer and I work with a lot of men, I was quite surprised. And flattered, I must say.